Non-Customized Designs:

Non-customized designs are designs that are ready for production. Designs that are under "collections" are non-customized designs. These designs will be made as pictured to client measurements. Please contact sales by WhatsApp or email at to purchase non-customize designs.


Customized Designs:

Customized designs are designs that need to be drafted. A client can also have a non-customized design drafted to their preference. Once the customized design is ready for production it will be made to a clients measurements. All customized designs require a consultation. No customized design will be made without a NONREFUNDABLE consultation. Please book a NONREFUNDABLE consultation through our site. 



Once a client books a NONREFUNDABLE consultation the client will receive an email for them to pick a convenient date and time. If a client is a no-show for their consultation the client will still be charged and will not be allowed to reschedule. If a client needs to reschedule their consultation they MUST contact BeeLuxx to do so 24 hours before their scheduled consultation time. Failure to do so will result in the client being charged for the consultation and not being allowed to reschedule. A client will only be able to reschedule a consultation ONE time. Clients under 18 years old MUST be accompanied by parent/guardian. Client or parent/guardian MUST HAVE I.D present at consultation.


Production Time:

Non-customized designs production is 6 - 8 weeks. 

Customized designs production is 10 - 13 weeks



Once a client places an order there will be no CANCELLATIONS. If the client cancels the order or process of production for any reason, no refund for any prior deposits will be issued. Once the client has cancelled the order, BeeLuxx has the right to stop production of the order and use the garment, fabrics or materials for company use.